Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Floods Entire First Floor of Home

When water levels rise during a storm and invade your home or business, you are left with a mess. Several inches of water flooded the first floor of a home. SE... READ MORE

Roof Damage by Storm in Chesapeake

During a storm, a school roof began leaking due to heavy rains and high winds. It is important to inspect your roof, eaves, and siding prior to each season. H... READ MORE

Flood Water Damage

These homeowners could not control or keep up with flood water entering their home. Food water is considered a Category 3, black water loss. This water is con... READ MORE

Fellowship Church Damaged by a Storm

Hurricane force winds caused rain to seep into the walls through an already weakened roof of this older fellowship church. The roof was repaired, a new ceiling... READ MORE

Hardwood Floors Damaged by Storm Water

This rental home and its older hardwood floors suffered water damage when the roof leaked and water was left to soak on the floor. You can see that the floors w... READ MORE

Modular Home Damaged by a Storm

Storms that bring high winds and heavy rains can wreak havoc on modular homes. Modular homes are typically built from the bottom up with lots of layers. These... READ MORE